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Spanish Dry Aged Duck Picanha 150g (Frozen)

FoieGood was born with the commitment to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare for our ducks. We take great pride in producing healthier, more environmentally sustainable products. Our ducks receive excellent care. We rear them outdoors, with space to roam freely and access to open water. They are allowed to grow slowly, and we never use cages or force-feeding methods. Our animals eat a natural and vegetable diet consisting of at least 70% cereals.

西班牙乾式熟成鴨胸 150克 (急凍)
Spanish Dry Aged Duck Picanha 150g (Frozen)
#Keto Diet #Low Cab Diet #生酮飲食 #低碳飲食 #FoieGood #080123103013

Size 150g




Only 1 left
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