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Spanish Duck Confit Thigh 250g (Frozen)

Confit made from Malvasia duck raised without antibiotics or hormones. Duck legs are slowly cooked in their own juices for classic confit that is flavorful, tender, and a great addition to your favorite dishes. Fully-cooked, quick, and easy to heat, duck leg confit makes a tasty convenience food.

Serving Suggestion 1: Non-stick frying pan
1) Defrosting by refrigerator 0-4°C over a night
2) Remove the package, gently scrape off excessive oil by spoon
3) Add a spoon of extra virgin olive oil to the cold pan, and put the duck thigh with the skin side down on the frying pan
4) Use medium-low heat until the skin is golden crispy, flip the thigh to another side and fry a minute. Serve hot.

Serving Suggestion 2: Oven
1) Defrosting by refrigerator 0-4°C over a night
2) Preheat the oven to 200℃
3) Remove the package, put the thigh skin up into the pan, then put it in the upper layer of the oven, bake around 20 minutes until the skin is golden and crispy.
4) Take out the duck thigh, shred the duck meat by fork. Serve with poached egg and rice.
5) Add one or two spoons of duck oil that remain in the pan will become more delicious.

Tip 1: As the duck confit thigh is very tender, be gentle when processing.
Tip 2: Serve with vinaigrette can enhance the duck confit thigh's flavor and reduce the greasy feeling.
Tip 3: Don't miss the duck oil. It's the best part of the duck. They can be used for frying potato sliced, vegetables, cooking rice, rice noodles soup, etc. It's all delicious!

西班牙油封鴨髀 250克 (急凍-18°C)
Spanish Duck Confit Thigh 250g (Frozen)
#Keto Diet #Low Cab Diet #生酮飲食 #低碳飲食 #Malvasia #080123101004

Size 250g




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