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Our Story

We specialize in the supply of natural and organic produce from around the world to the Food & Beverage industry and direct end-users with quality assurance. We source from areas that are least affected by pollution and farmers with respectable ethics who care about their produce. More importantly, we only buy produce that is certified by independent testing authorities. Our goal is simple and that is to bring healthy organic products to our valued customers.


Wholefood – is the source of organic & healthy lifestyle. Our philosophy is to enjoy the most natural and wholesome produce for our body. We all know today the pollution is getting more complicated and in order to select a good wholefood produce we need to source from a well-controlled, clean environment where it can give us assurance in what we eat. We go in to meet the farmers of the product that we sell before we approach our client so that we have a complete understanding of what they do and how they do the planting.

Search for pure sources

We know how much pure land means to the quality of food we eat every day. Most of us prefer our food to come from the soil and be grown under the sun without using artificial materials and chemical treatment, for better health and sustainability. Therefore, we are passionate about seeking farms whose land plots have a diversified and balanced ecosystem that generates health and fertility as much as possible from within the farm itself.

Supporting farmers who care about their produce

Our suppliers are the original sources that take care of the quality of our products. They spend their lifetime bringing good food with the greatest effort from every early morning until dawn. With Natural and Organic, we demand that extra care be put in so the highest food quality can be achieved. Not just the produce itself, but also the farm, the facility, and the ethics of the farmers are factors that we take into consideration. We appreciate all their passion and extra work in avoiding chemicals in our food. Therefore, we treat them with respect, fairness, and integrity at all times.

Adopting stringent standards

All products we source must meet our standards ranging from basic ingredients to farm animal welfare, seafood sustainability, and more. We also care about the way that food is grown, processed, marketed, and regulated around the world. Products in our store are free from growth promoters, antibiotics, pesticides, artificial preservatives, and other additives. We do this because we promote food safety and a healthy lifestyle as our first priority.

Respect for animal welfare

We make every effort to find out where an animal comes from along with how it was raised and treated before sourcing from a supplier. We believe that good management practice is the best way to promote animal welfare. Therefore, we have our standards and processes for how animals should be raised and handled from farm to slaughter. ***Nature's Parlour is committed to selling 100% cage-free eggs (shell eggs, liquid egg and other egg products) and has already completed the 100% target.***

Build a passionate team

Natural and Organic Global is made up of a group of people who are passionate about natural and organic produce. We understand that not everyone joins the team with the same passion for nature and organic produce in the beginning. However, we believe that going natural and organic is the core concept of true health, clean land, and animal welfare that many of us do care about. We therefore provide our team members with regular training sessions to equip them with new knowledge, so they can pass on the accurate information to our customers to enhance their healthy lifestyle.