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"Our eggs come from only 4 natural sources: water, air, soil and the sun. There is nothing else added, and we are proud of it."
- Guillermo Aragoneses, Owner of Pedaque S.L

Pedaque is located in a rural area of Castile and Leon region. The farm started by Guillermo Aragoneses who are pasionated in sustainable and 100% organic farming business. He once was a veterinary professional spending all his lfe involving in farm foods and supplements. Now He has turned his profession in growing happy birds to get the best organic eggs.

Hens have wonderful instincts and are happiest when they do what is natural to them. They love to peck and scratch the ground to look for seeds and bugs. In the farm, the hens have nesting boxes under the shelters that give them a comfortable place to lay their eggs. In the fall when the weather turns cold the birds are raised in the barn where they are given lots of room to move. The barns are clean and well ventilated to keep the birds clean and healthy.

Every aspect of the farm is 100% eco friendly from the energy (solar) it uses to the organic cereals for feeding, and to the ink it uses for stamp. In addition, all operations are in manual including egg picking, stamping and packaging. In order to guarantee that all eggs are of the highest quality and perfectly clean and safe. Pedaque strictly follows the standards in foodsafety and hyginene.

Pedaque was the first organic egg farm in Castile and Leon region. Being the forefront of the organic egg production, it is even collaborating with the Veterinary School of Madrid's Univeristy in training professionals who are specialising in alternative farming.

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