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Belgian Olive Oil Fed Duroc Pork Sausage (Nature) 6pcs 600g (Frozen)

Best Before 此日期前最佳(D日/M月/Y年): 25/10/2023
A typical pork sausage contains 20-30g of total fat per 100g.
Belgian Olive Oil Fed Duroc Pork Sausage has a high proportion of pork meat (83%), which provides lower fat content (12.8g/100g), which can help reduce daily calorie intake.
The Duroc Pork sausage is tender and tastes natural. You can add a little salt to taste or serve it with all kinds of puree and sauces to taste more delicious! Its nutritional profile provides an alternative for the daily life of all people who want to be active while enjoying their meals.

比利時杜洛克橄欖油特瘦豬肉腸 (原味) 6條裝 600克 (急凍)
Belgian Olive Oil Fed Duroc Pork Sausage (Nature) 6pcs 600g (Frozen)
#Air Fryer #Air Oven #氣炸 #Duroc d'Olives #170422317004

Size 600g




Out of stock. The quantity selected is not currently available.
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